Injured Plagued

The Sharks were eliminated from the first round of the 2017 season in six games by the Edmonton Oilers. After beating the Oilers 7-0 San Jose just did not look great in the final two games they played. They lost game six at home 3-1,  after a good run last year losing in the first round is very disappointing. The Sharks were looking to repeat the success of last year but unfortunately fell short.

After the game six loss information about all the injuries players were dealing with got released.  Joe Thornton played with a torn ACL and torn MCL, Logan Couture’s mouth was being held together with wire, Patrick Marleau played with broken thumb, Tomas Hertl had a broken foot and Joonas Donskoi had a separated shoulder. Now NHL players are known for continuing to play with injuries but with all the injuries to the Sharks top guys the chances of making it far were low.

The scary thing is how they let players play with such devastating injuries. What happens to Thornton if someone hits his knee while both ligaments are torn? I understand this is their passion and job, but their health is the most important thing to their families. Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins played with a broken rib, torn cartilage and a separated shoulder one big hit could have done extensive damage. Fans love to glorify players playing with these injuries comparing them to other sports like the NBA and MLS but I feel playing with such injuries is a dangerous mistake and has the possibility to end terribly..