Brent “Chewbacca” Burns

The San Jose Sharks acquired Brent Burns in a trade with the Minnesota Wild. He instantly became a fan favorite. Burns is eccentric on and off the ice. He has a little shimmy routine when players have their warm up skates. When he first joined the Sharks he left his house which was referred to as “Burns Zoo” because of all of dogs, cats and reptiles mostly snakes. He is a huge animal guy and a huge supporter of the armed forces. He even said if he wasn’t a hockey player he would have joined the military.

When he first joined the Sharks he played on the defense end, but after the team had some injuries the moved him to forward. As a forward he was a beast. For a 6 foot 4 man he flies down the ice and checks people out of the ice. While he has the ability to bull players around the ice, he also seems to dance around the ice at times. Burns has been moved back to defenseman and continues to dominate at the position. He does get reckless and some points but usually makes up for it. He was nominated for the Norris Trophy this year.

Burns loves to give back to the community and has bought suites for families of people serving in military. He also had a event called “Burnzie Buzz Cut” where teammates shaved his head and beard. Fans could donate money to watch and get pictures after the event. Burns donated the money to the San Francisco Zoo.