Offseason acquisitions

The 2017 offseason for the San Jose Sharks should be interesting. Both Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau’s contracts have expired and the Sharks have to decide whether they want to keep the two veterans around and how much they want to give them. Thornton showed interest in returning while Marleau has been on the fence.  The Sharks may want to sign them to a one-year contract to since they are 37 and 38 years-old. 

With the addition of the new expansion team the Vegas Golden Knights the Sharks have to decide which players they want to protect.  The Knights are allowed to take one player from each NHL whether it be a forward, defenseman or goaltender. Teams are allowed to protect some players and some are not eligible to be taking. The Sharks will most likely protect seven forwards, five defensemen and one goaltender.

Also the core of the team is not getting any younger so it seems the organization is at a cross in the road. Either try one more time with the mostly veteran team or trade away some big pieces for new blood and picks.  Other organizations have made blockbuster trades after not having successful for a while and it could be where the Sharks are heading.