The San Jose Sharks have had many rivalries throughout their history. The Detroit Red Wings were a rival after the Sharks stunned them in the playoffs. Even though the Red Wings are an East Coast team most times the two teams played their was a little hostility towards each other.  Now that the core of the Red Wings has retired or left the rivalry has died down a bit.

The main rivals are the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Both of the southern Californian teams have won a Stanley Cup leaving the Sharks as the lone California team that has not. The Sharks play both teams at least 5 times in a season so the animosity is there. Fights, yelling, hard hits are all a part of the games between them.  All the teams have played each other in the playoffs as well with a different result each time. Fans of each team troll each other online and at the arena’s. The heat between the teams does not seem to be dying anytime soon.