Injured Plagued

The Sharks were eliminated from the first round of the 2017 season in six games by the Edmonton Oilers. After beating the Oilers 7-0 San Jose just did not look great in the final two games they played. They lost game six at home 3-1,  after a good run last year losing in the first round is very disappointing. The Sharks were looking to repeat the success of last year but unfortunately fell short. Continue reading


2017 Playoffs

The Shark finished regular season in the 3rd place in the division. They started their playoff run against the Edmonton Oilers  on April 12th .  The Sharks had two major injuries to their top centers at the end of the regular season, Joe Thornton and Logan Couture.  A player shot a puck which hit couture in the mouth causes a lot of damage. Thornton went into the boards awkwardly and ended up hurting his knee. Both missed the remaining games of the regular season.  Continue reading